St Mark’s in 2016

Report from the Annual Meeting 2nd April 2017

The interregnum was a challenge. However, the worship team, with support from the Diocese, Deanery and the St Laurence Ministry Team, enabled St Mark’s to continue morning and evening services during that period. Congregation numbers held up well, with the average adult weekly attendance at 65, with more at festivals.

The monthly service at Bradstow Court, Coffee and Prayer (last Friday morning of each month), Evening Services and Homegroups, are all led by church members and continued throughout the interregnum and after the installation in October of Sue Cox as Missioner.

Parish merger: The formal integration of St Mark’s into the St Laurence team ministry is still ongoing with final approval from the Church Commissioners expected soon. To ensure this process goes smoothly representatives from both churches attend PCC meetings.

Church building: Minor repairs to the roof and associated areas have taken place. Wi-Fi has been installed and is available to enhance both services and administration. The hall and other church rooms are well used throughout the week providing significant rental income. More could be achieved with the complete refurbishment of the kitchen which requires at least £13,000 to bring it up-to-date.

Toilet refurbishment: A long overdue upgrade of both Ladies and Gentlemen’s toilets took place, with modern cubicles and replacement sanitary ware being installed.

Toilet twinning: Our own refurbishment of our toilets sparked a member of our congregation to suggest raising money for this charity aimed at improving sanitary conditions in countries that do not have the same advantages we enjoy, significant funds were raised with locations in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Pakistan and Uganda all benefitting.

Thanet Food Bank: significant contributions by the congregation on a weekly basis continue to help those experiencing a range of financial and social difficulties in our community.

Our three missions of Kisumu, Tear Fund and CPAS each received a share of £2696.

Schools: Easter Cracked and Christmas Unwrapped both took place and was well attended by the children of our local schools.

Behind the scenes there are many activities that are often overlooked and un-heralded, we would like to thank everyone in our congregation who enable St Mark’s to function well.