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January 2019

Tuesday 1st January 2019 New Years Day
Thursday 3rd January 201919:30Belleplate Group
Saturday 5th January 201914:00Belleplate Tea
Music and refreshments to celebrate the Christmas season
Sunday 6th January 201910:00All-Age Service
18:30Evening Worship
Tuesday 8th January 201919:45Home Group
Wednesday 9th January 201919:30Home Group
Thursday 10th January 201919:30Belleplate Group
Sunday 13th January 201910:00Holy Communion
18:30Evening Praise
Tuesday 15th January 201919:45Home Group
Wednesday 16th January 201919:30Home Group
Thursday 17th January 201919:30Belleplate Group
Sunday 20th January 201910:00Morning Service
18:30Evening Praise
Tuesday 22nd January 201919:45Home Group
Wednesday 23rd January 201914:30Bradstow Court
19:30Home Group
Thursday 24th January 201919:30Belleplate Group
Friday 25th January 201911:00Coffee and Prayer
Sunday 27th January 201910:00Holy Communion
18:30Cafe Service
Tuesday 29th January 201919:45Home Group
Wednesday 30th January 201919:30Home Group
Thursday 31st January 201919:30Belleplate Group
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